~Flows Turbidatron is a mechanical sampler with triple piston valves, 6 phase step down gears and optical audio synthesis. The Turbidatron generates sounds according to the ‘turbidity’ or ‘muddiness’ of the water. It uses a series of gears, cranks and pistons to suck water out of the river and circulate it around a series of containers, creating a continuous live sample. A laser is projected through the sample which detects tiny suspended particles of debris, mud, silt, algae, etc and turns this to sound. 
Turbidity can change according to the amount of rainfall up stream, tidal flow, or movement large boat in the river. 

~Ultra-easy sampling with innovative Water Capture feature 
~6 built-in microphones - ensuring correct set up. 
~Built-in tri-piston water pump 
~Powerful new multi-mode filter