Salinity Sequencer Sampler


12 The SSS-12 is probably the best hardwood sequencer to ever be put on water. An incredible machine, It stores and plays the last 12 hours of river samples. Custom circuits convert the saltiness of each sample into pitch, the more salt the higher the pitch, giving a sonic impression of the tidal cycle. With its wooden conveyor belt the SSS-12 automatically updates every hour so you always get to hear the last 12 hours of tidal activity. In addition to its 12-note, 

~CD-quality sampling, the SSS-12 provides several powerful editing functions. 
~Notes can be lengthened or shortened or even omitted directly from the larch controller. 
~Incredible sound quality and 12-note polyphony 
~Accepts up to 250ml river water samples 
~Automatically imports hourly Water Samples stored to beakers 
~Built-in Timestretch feature compresses 12 hours into one short sequence 
~DJ-friendly operation via large wooden knobs