Log Pile

The Photosymphonium Log pile is a multi-user musical instrument and sculptural installation where the audience create a soundscape by moving our iLogs over a pile of technically enhanced logs.  The work creates a communal, ritualistic feeling like a camp-fire. Strategically placed logs in the pile are studded with super-bright LEDs and have sound generating electronics hidden inside.  The resulting pile flickers, flashes and pulses in time to an unheard soundtrack, revealed only when people use the iLogs to play the Log pile.

Our technology converts sound into an electrical signal which powers the LEDs, making the light flicker. The sound in turn is transmitted through this flickering light, which is converted back into sound using our iLogs ‘Photosynthesisers’. The iLogs use a solar panel that converts light into sound, while controls on the iLog allow users to play the logpile as a musical instrument, resulting in a fascinating sonic experience.