9v Sound System

The 9 Volt Sound System is a large horn speaker system with an explosively impressive sound quality. It simply attaches to your device via the audio jack (phono) slot. Add a rechargable 9 Volt battery which then tucks away discreetly behind the speaker for a sleek look and you have 5-6 hours of jaw-dropping sound.

Fully compatible with the Logpad and all Owl Project instruments, the 9v Sound System consists of acoustically designed wooden horns which use the geometry of the horn shape to naturally amplify sound. 

The shape of each horn is designed using vector maths and our bespoke software, Bevelator78.4˚, to calculate the cutting angle between horn planes. Our first finished horns, commissioned for TERRA, use a hendecahedral [11 sided] shape, are made of Elm and have bespoke folding frames so you can take them anywhere.